Technologies and products of ReinnolC™ maximize energy efficiency of manufacturing processes in the companies of the production industry, focused on oil and gas production, conversion of associated gas, recovery of derived energy, water desalination and housing services and utilities.

Core competencies of ReinnolC™ focus on development and production of the facility and complex units for heat-exchanging systems, filtration, and also facility for metallurgical heat processes and chemical technologies.

The main advantage of ReinnolC™ involves applying brand new technologies based on the long-term experience. Besides, in every single case we provide the customer with the detailed calculations of the equipment and processes, that allows to choose the most effective solution and at the same time to keep within the specified budget.
High-effective heat intensive technology
The technologies developed by ReinnolC™ help to increase the efficiency of the heat exchange equipment, heat transfer and reliability. We designed a unique heat exchange intensifier - a tube with a transverse ring knurling with multifunctional ultra-thin polymer coating.
This technology allows to decrease the heat exchange area and the heat transfer coefficient up to 70% as well.
Key advantages of this technology are based on choosing the ideal parameters of coverage area and increasing the heat exchange area by means of tube mode. The tube mode boosts heat exchange, and the coverage area reduces the contaminants adhesion.

Replacing a traditional heat exchanger with the one based of ReinnolC™ technology the customers receive two times more space-saving equipment as compared with analogues.

We apply this solution in our products
GreenTube STXR
High-effective shell & tube heat exchanger is designed for heat transmission during steam condensation to different processing mediums.

GreenTube™ STX-R can be applied in technical processes in oil, chemical, gas, food, metallurgical, power industries as well as in housing and utilities sector.

  • Special transverse ring knurling of heat-exchange tubes
  • Customized separating wall composition
  • Reduced more than 2 times the deposits in the tubes compared with the classical apparatus
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Portability
  • High energy efficiency

Waste heat boilers
Designed for the production of steam and hot water by cooling aggressive or neutral process gases.
Boilers can be applied in metallurgy, chemicals, paper-pulp and other industries.

  • Firetube and watertube constructions
  • Fire gases' temperature is 1000ºC and more
  • Steam generation by pressure up to 4MPa
  • Operations with gases with dustiness up to 100 g/nm³
  • Installing of heating surfaces cleaning possibility
  • Constructions with the use of thermosyphons, gas-tight screens, fire sheets and firetubes
  • Completing by economizing and air-heating units

Ammonia still reflux condenser
The purpose of the reflux condenser is to the condensate part of water vapor from the vapor mixture that leaving the ammonia still to increase the concentration to the established standard. The operating principle of the ammonia still reflux condenser is based on various condensation temperatures of water and ammonia vapors; and on the negligible solubility of ammonia in water at high temperatures.

  • The usage of heat-exchanging
    pipes with single - acting ring packing
  • Possibility of clearing the circulating water surfaces
  • Easy cleaning of the heat exchanger
  • Installation above the column to save the volume of production and to reduce the CAPEX

Evaporating and distilling apparatus
Functional area:
For concentrating solutes in chemical, food, metallurgical and other industries.
For the thermal desalination of saline waters and the production of high-quality distillate. The significance of evaporating apparatus is important due to the arising problem of environmental protection from pollution by industrial wastewater. The unit operation principle is based on evaporation of the salt water with following steam condensation.

Areas of use:
  • Desalinization
  • Preparation of feed water for boilers
  • Concentration of mineralized technological
  • Recycling of secondary energy resources

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