Information for investors

Information for investors

Company news for investors

ReinnolC LLC has placed its debut bond issue. Exchange-traded interest-bearing non-convertible uncertificated bonds with centralized accounting of rights. Issue registration number: 4B02-01-00614-R-001P dated 08.24.2021 ISIN - RU000A103NJ2

Information on bond issues

First edition

Issue volume:
100 000 000,00 ₽
Current coupon rate:
Issue organizer:
Posting date:
Maturity date:
100 000 (one hundred thousand) pieces
Reporting (coupon) period:
12 coupon periods of 91 days each
1 coupon period:
from 09.09.2021 to 12.09.2021
2 coupon period:
from 12.09.2021 to 03.10.2022
3 coupon period:
from 03.10.2022 to 06.09.2022
4 coupon period:
from 06.09.2022 to 09.08.2022
5 coupon period:
from 09.08.2022 to 12.08.2022
6 coupon period:
from 12.08.2022 to 03.09.2023
7 coupon period:
from 03.09.2023 to 06.08.2023
8 coupon period:
from 06.08.2023 to 09.07.2023
9 coupon period:
from 09.07.2023 to 12.07.2023
10 coupon period:
from 12.07.2023 to 03.07.2024
11 coupon period:
from 03.07.2024 to 06.06.2024
12 coupon period:
from 06.06.2024 to 09.05.2024

Организатор размещения облигаций: УНИВЕР Капитал
Organizer of the bond placement:
UNIVER Capital

Кредитный рейтинг BB-RU
Credit rating BB-RU
BB-RU outlook stable

Сведения о представителе владельцев облигации
Information about the representative of the bondholders

Our company
ReinnolC company

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